Coffee with Uncle Reggie: Where is Cincinnati?
与曾叔叔喝咖啡闲聊 : 辛辛那提在哪?
(权克明 翻译)

Over the years, many people I first met in the American academic world assumed I was from California, since Asian Americans seemed to predominate from that part of the country. So they are surprised when I say “I’m from Cincinnati.”

年来,我在美国学术界第一次遇到的人,有许多都认为我是来自加利福尼亚,因为亚裔美国人似乎主要是来自该国的那个地区。所以当我说 “我来自辛辛那提”,他们就很惊讶。

After my arrival in the US, I worked as a pediatric resident in Chicago at the Michael Reese Hospital from 1966 to 1969. In my 3rd and final year I was also a part time fellow, focusing specifically on work in the nurseries. I was fascinated with neonatology and neonatal research, and this arrangement allowed me to do my research at night, while I was covering the nurseries.

来美后我于1966年至1969年在芝加哥的迈克尔里斯医院 作儿科住院医生。第三年也是最后一年个兼职的硏,我是究员, 专门硏究婴幼儿护理。我迷上了新生儿学和新生儿的硏究,而 这样的安排让我能在夜里从事婴幼儿护理的同时,又做我的硏究。

My mentor and supervisor sat me down one day and said, “I’m going to UCLA to head up Neonatology there. You go down to Cincinnati for 2 years, get fully trained and then join me as faculty member.”

一天,我的导师和主管叫我坐下来,说: “我要去加州大学洛杉矶分校作新生儿科系主任。你去辛辛那提好好锻炼两年, 然后到我这儿来作教員。’’

Spring Grove in the Winter

That sounded really good to me. “Yes, sir,” I said, and paused. “But where is Cincinnati?” Actually my understanding of US geography was very good, having grown up from childhood reading all about America, the land where my ABC (American-born Chinese) mother came from. But Cincinnati, where was that?

这听起来真好。“好的,老师’’,我说,然后停了一下, 又问: “可是辛辛那提在哪?” 其实我的美国地理知识非常好。 我的母亲是在美国出生的华人,我从小就阅读所有关于美国的東西。但是,辛辛那提!? 它到底在哪儿!?

I found out that Cincinnati is a wonderful place. I have lived more than 40 years in Cincinnati now and traveled all over the US and many cities in the world, but Cincinnati is “home”. The people in Cincinnati are courteous and friendly, and we have a wonderful Chinese (language) Church which even includes an All Nations (English language) Congregation. I often play tour guide to many international visitors who come to Cincinnati to study.

我后来发现辛辛那提是一个美妙的地方,在辛辛那提我ー住就是40多年。我也曾跑遍了美国和世界上许多城市,但辛辛那提是我真正的“家”。辛辛那提人礼貌且友好。我们有一个 美好的华语教会,在这个教会里还有万国(英语)会众。我又经常给很多前来辛辛那提学习的国外学者作导游。

First, I bring them to Spring Grove Cemetery! You see in Asia, often graves are very unpleasant places. But in Cincinnati, we have a lovely cemetery, the second largest private cemetery in the country. The landscape is artistically designed, and the many lakes, fountains and statues make it look more like a beautiful park than a cemetery. It’s an opportunity to explain that the worldview here includes a place called.

首先,我带他们去春天树丛墓园! 在亚洲,坟墓通常是ー个令人非常不安的地方。但在辛辛那提,我们有一个可爱的墓园,它是美国第二大的私人墓地。墓地的景观设计充满艺术色彩,加上众多的湖泊、喷泉和雕塑,使它看起来更像是ー个美丽的公园而非ー个墓地。参观墓园让我有机会讲解在我们的世界观里,有一个叫做天堂的地方,因此死亡不一定是一件悲哀的事,而是展开新生命的一个过渡!

Another two favorites I love are the views from the oldest church in town, Immaculata, which overlooks the charming Ohio River from a stunning viewpoint; and the church of the Holy Basilica, which is a replica of Notre Dame. One doesn’t have to travel to Paris, since we have a beautiful replica right in town! And the stories in the superb stained glass of both churches provides a great testament to history.

另外两个我最爱的景观是从两座教堂所看到的风景:在市 内最古老的教堂圣母无原罪教堂,你能由一个惊人的制高点俯 瞰动人的俄亥俄河; 而神圣大教堂就是巴黎圣母院的一个复本。 所以,你不必专程去巴黎,我们城内就有一个美丽的复本! 两个教堂内精湛的彩绘玻璃窗饰所描绘的故事为历史作了美好的见证。

Spring Grove in the Spring

There are some great museums of significant meaning in town: the unique Underground Railroad Freedom museum, which shows well the slavery struggle and emancipation story, in the city where many slaves crossed the Ohio River to escape to freedom; the Creation museum, the only one in the US depicting a literal biblical history of Creation; the Air Force museum in Dayton an hour away commemorating the Wright brothers of Dayton, Ohio. And many other great museums. Find out about Cincinnati by visiting us!

市内有几个很有意义的博物馆: 独ー无二的地下铁路自由 博物馆展出黑奴斗爭和解放的历史,許多黑奴就是在这个城市 越过俄亥俄河投奔自由的。创造博物馆在美国也是独一无二的, 它是按照圣经历史来描绘创造的过程。代顿的空军博物馆是位于约ー个小时车程的地方,它是纪念俄亥俄州代顿市的赖特兄弟。其他许多博物馆举不胜举。要了解辛辛那提的话,请来探 望我们!

So if you are still wondering, “Where is Cincinnati”,hop on to a plane and come visit us!

所以,如果你还在纳闷,“辛辛那提在哪儿?” 赶快搭飞 机来游览吧!