Uncle Reggie Stories: Little Numbers 曾叔叔闲聊:小小数字 Linda He 翻译

Helen McGehee faithfully served in Guizhou, China with her husband John during a very difficult time in China’s history. Civil war was raging, the Imperial Japanese invasion had left the country in shock, and everything was chaotic. Even today many parts of mountainous Guizhou remain primitive, and one can imagine the conditions they lived in at the time.

海伦麦吉(Helen McGehee)和丈夫约翰在贵州虔诚侍奉上帝的时候,中国正处在历史上一个非常困难的时期。当时内战肆虐,日军侵略使国家陷入瘫痪,一切混乱不堪。今天,贵州山区的许多地方仍然保持原有样貌,人们可以想象当时他们居住的条件。

John was arrested by the new authorities, but the rest of the family was compelled to leave the country. And so Helen, with five small children in tow, began the arduous journey out of the country. They had to cross mountains on trucks; they had to go by boat along murky rivers, and always under potential threat by pirates and robbers.


During this difficult time, Helen was told that the most important part of the US currency was the serial number. Because she knew that robbery was rife, and that she could soon lose most of her belongings and her money, she cut out the serial numbers from the US hundred dollar bills, and sewed them into her clothes. After a very long journey, she was finally able to reach freedom, and return to the United States.


Sure enough, she took the serial numbers of the US currency to the bank, and to her great satisfaction the bank indeed cashed it, and gave her some real money! Small things matter. I remember the verse from the good book, that “the very hairs of our head are numbered by God” (Matthew 10:30), which means God cares even for the smallest matters that concern us. Small numbers matter, and such are the blessings of the Lord, when one faithfully serves Him。

果然如她所愿,当她把美元的序列号带给银行,银行给她兑换了真正的钱币。事情虽小但却很重要,我记得有句诗句,“就 是 你 们 的 头 发 , 也 都 被 数 过 了 ”(马 太10:30)这意味着上天关心我们的每件事情。小数字大作用,这是一个人忠实地为上天服务时,来自上天的祝福。