Eternity in our Genes
DNA Strand

Some people are surprised and say, “how can anyone believe in heaven or eternity?” But actually, eternity is already in our genes. Generation after generation, we see the effect of eternity in our genes. Our ancestors had our genes, our descendants will have our genes, and genes never seem to die!?

有的人会觉得不可思议:“你怎么会相信天堂和永生呢?”然而事实是,永生/永恒就在我们的基因里。在一代一代人的繁衍中, 我们可以看到基因的永恒性 。我们的祖先有我们的基因,我们的后代会有我们的基因, 基因好像就不会消亡!?

A fetus begins as a speck that is invisible, and then it grows and grows into a full fetus in the mother’s womb, and then a baby, then a child, then a “terrible toddler”, to a child, to all of us. Then we in turn have babies, who in turn continue generation after generation to repeat this. Our genes continue on and on.

胎儿开始是一个看不见的点, 后来在母亲的子宫长成,然后成了婴孩,再往后变成让孩子大人都讨厌的顽童。我们同样也会有孩子,一代代周而复始。我们的基因不断延续下去。

When basic scientists study cells in “culture lines”, in the laboratory, they call these cells “immortal cells”. Which means basically, that, well……. they are immortal.

基础研究科学家在实验室做细胞培养基实验时, 常称这些培养基细胞是不死的细胞。 意味着这些细胞的持久性。

General Sherman Tree

When a person goes to the Sequoia National Park in California, and looks at the trees, an amazing realization occurs: the General Sherman tree is 6,000 tons, 272 feet tall, 32 feet in diameter, and has 4,000 year history! Well……..four thousand years ago, the genes were there, but the genetic material remains today, just another glaring example of the “eternity” principle.

当你走进加州西库亚国家公园,看到那里的大树, 你会有这样一个奇妙的感悟:佘曼将军树重 六千吨, 高二百七十二英尺,直径三十二英尺,已有四千年的历史!天哪。。。四千年前,基因已在那,今天属同一基因的物体还在那, 又一个彰显永恒的例子。

God has already given us a taste of eternity in our very being, and in nature. So it should not be difficult to understand eternity! King Solomon, one of the wisest man on earth, said in Ecclesiastes 3:11 “God has set eternity in our hearts.” And Pascal, the great mathematician has said: “There’s a void in man’s heart that only God can fill.” That void can be filled with God’s eternity. Think about that.

上帝已经在我们自己身上, 也在自然界中让我们尝到了永恒的滋味。 所以理解永恒应该不难!所罗门王是一个世上少有的聪明人,曾在箴言3章11节说:“上帝把永恒放在我们的心里。”伟大的数学家帕斯卡曾说:“在我们的心里有一个洞,只有上帝才能填满。”那个洞只能被上帝的永恒填满。请好好想想这个问题。