Cinncinnati’s Graeter’s ice cream is the best!
Typical mid-westerner’s charmed life.

URS Cinncinnati’s Graeter’s ice cream is the best!

Edison Lim 翻译.

Anyone who has lived in Cincinnati will know that Cincinnati’s Graeter’s ice cream is the best in the world. It’s “better even than Haagen Dazs” that many in Asia claim is supreme. Until they taste our ice cream! But even I was impressed by a scholar from Shanghai visiting Cincinnati, who lived a few minutes from a Graeter’s store, and who could not resist going three times a week to get her ice cream “fix.” What was most amazing was that she remained very thin and small, and friends could barely believe she really did that.

凡在辛辛那提住过的人都知道辛辛那提的桂氏Graeter’s 冰淇淋是世界上最好的。它甚至比被很多亚洲人称为极品的哈根达斯还要好,只要他们尝过我们的冰淇淋就知道了!即便如此,我还是很佩服一位从上海来辛辛那提住在桂氏冰淇淋店附近的访问学者。她每周总是忍不住要三顾茅庐到桂氏一享朵颐之乐. 很奇妙的是她的身形依旧清瘦,这令朋友们都难以置信。

The “secret for its excellence supposedly is that Graeter’s totally uses the original recipe, from German ancestors about 150 years ago, even duplicating its handmade features. In a day and age when everything is mechanized and computerized, that seems archaic, but it could indeed be the secret of its success: for example, the ice cream itself is tightly compacted by hand into individual containers for maximum customer satisfaction.


Another “secret” I suspect is the fat content. In recent years, people have become more health conscious, so modern ice cream companies started reducing the fat content in ice cream, and that unfortunately ruins the charm. Unquestionably, the higher the fat content in ice cream, the better it tastes. So California types of people who insist on lowering the fat of ice cream will pay a great price in ice-creamology.


美味的桂氏香蕉冰淇淋船!遗憾啊,西岸低脂迷们,你们没办法脚踏两条”船“ (you are missing the boat!)
Are you jealous and salivating yet?
你心动吗? 流口水了吗 ?

Studies have actually shown that if one increases the sugar content of something like ice cream, at some point the taste buds appear saturated, and any further increase actually is a turnoff to the ice cream lover. That is why you cannot make something too sweet, even ice cream. However, if one changes the study design by increasing the fat content, the funny result is that the higher and higher the fat content, the better and better the ice cream tastes, meaning that there is no real “upper limit!” Isn’t that amazing! So, California types, I’m sorry, you will not get the great ice cream experience of the Midwest, from West Coast ice creams. In fact, our own children who have moved from Cincinnati to the West Coast have always asked for special shipments of Graeter’s ice cream, either by air or personally brought over from Cincinnati.


I’m a nutrition kind of a guy, so I really hesitate to go around telling people to eat more fat. But the fact is that fat can be good for you. For example, if you do not have any fat, and you fall, there is not much “buffer protection,” and you will easily fracture your bones, especially the critical hip bones. And more body fat, by increasing the weight load, actually over time creates stronger body bone, in order to sustain the load. So fat is really not totally bad. And a bit of fat in the right place will make you look better than a scrawny malnourished appearance. Plus, there are all these great fats called essential fatty acids (“essential” means essential), as exemplified by olive oil, vegetable oils, nut oils, and fish oils. Reminding us that all fat is not fat. And there is the new fat push, captured by the novel phrase, “eat fat, get thin,” which reminds us that it is really sugar and carbs that are making westerners fat and heart-diseased; our friend, the 3 Graeter’s ice cream a week, thin small scholar, might be on to something after all.

我是一个研究营养学的人,所以我及其不愿到处去鼓励人们多吃脂肪。但事实上脂肪也可以对你有益。例如在跌倒时如果你没有任何脂肪缓冲,你的骨头很容易摔断,特别是对我们十分紧要的臀骨。脂肪也通过增加我们的体重使我们有更能承重的强健的骨骼。因此脂肪并不是一无可取的。适当的脂肪使我们不会看起来瘦骨如柴。我们更有叫做必需脂肪酸(人体必需的)的好脂肪, 通常存在于橄榄油,植物油,堅果油和鱼油里。这提醒我们脂肪不等于肥胖。近来更有推广脂肪运动。它用新奇的标语“吃脂肪,变苗条eat fat, get thin”来提醒我们糖和醣才是西方人肥胖以及心脏疾病的主因。如此看来,我们那位三顾茅庐的苗条学者可能早就胸有成竹了。

So, to push this logic further, and to preserve the charm of great ice cream, let me suggest the best ice cream ever would be low sugar, but very fat ice cream but which even includes lots of essential fatty acids, an “EFA Ice Cream.” I am patenting this name right now, and you heard it right here. And if there is a commission for this, please let me know, so we can put the proceeds to good use. I don’t think “fish oil ice cream” or “fishy ice cream” will ever sell, but I suspect that EFA Ice Cream, or even Essential Ice Cream, might! Graeter’s EFA Ice Cream, anyone?


I usually think that everything in the body is superbly designed by an extremely crafty designer; the ancients like to say there is definitely harmony in the body; indeed, we find that every component in the body serves some kind of a function, including the commonly maligned fat. We should learn to not forget that, especially if that component can come from a wonderfully enjoyable taste. What was the name of that ice cream, again?


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