Children’s Ministry Is Our Foundational Treasure

In all my professional life I have been working with small babies, literally from the moment of birth, and even while still in the mother’s womb! Everything around these babies can affect them, from stimulation to their senses, to oxygen levels, to nutrition, to a host of other influences. Many even brief influences have long-term impact, sometimes for life. We talk about how, at certain times in our lives, “minutes count:” this is one of those times. One could even say, “Sometimes, seconds count!” The very early phases in life are truly critically important, hence my many decades of research, papers and grants, focused around this phase of life, at the same time giving intensive care for these infants when they were sick.

DL Moody of Chicago had a keen sense of the critical importance of childhood influences. He went around his neighborhood and literally grabbed and herded children into his Sunday schools, to hear the word of God. These kids were highly vulnerable to the dangers and temptations of the big city, but he taught them well, to bring up many of them as responsible citizens, becoming the beginning of his church congregation, which grew and grew. Moody ultimately ministered to tens of thousands of people, and started Moody Bible Institute, which has sent tens of thousands of young ministers and missionaries all over the world. In turn, many of these missionaries, recognizing acutely the importance of children’s work, began their ministries with a strong emphasis on children, an excellent model that is effective in diverse cultures and lands.

In Hong Kong, my wife (to be) and I grew up in the Swatow Christian church, a strong evangelical church with an effective Sunday school program for children and youth. We even became “childhood sweethearts,” under the nurture, and I sometimes suspect, the blessing (!) of excellent Sunday school teachers, whom I remember vividly and fondly, even to their old age. One of my most admired teachers, Charles, lived to the very ripe age of 90, and yet was able to still quote his childhood memorized Bible verses, even when he had dementia in his final years.

Photo 1: God-fearing dedicated Sunday School teacher Charles, shown with lovely family, who lived till age 90 years, faithfully teaching all his life. A living walking role model for my future wife and me, for years.

Our Sunday School teachers were undoubtedly great role models who had tremendous impact on our young lives. Even as the church children grew up, and migrated to Australia and North America, we could see the impact of their childhood Sunday School. Many of these continued to serve the Lord, and became deacons, elders, ministers and leaders of their churches. We heard enough stories from all over the world to remind us that, even when it seemed that some had veered from the straight and narrow, later on we heard, to our great encouragement, that many returned to church to serve faithfully.

Alan grew up as a child in the church, but when he left high school, he moved overseas. He became extremely successful and well-off in his new country, and drifted away from church. He spent every weekend basically playing mahjong with his friends, with little meaningful purpose in life. One weekend he was doing the same thing, but as he drove home, he noticed their 2 precious daughters sleeping in the backseat, because he and his wife had dragged them along for their usual mahjong night.

As it was way past midnight, he turned to his wife and said, “What are we doing with our children? What kind of life are we leading? Maybe we should go back to church.” To which, his wife agreed, they abruptly withdrew from their mahjong “4-legged” group, “returned” to church, and after a while began to serve the Lord. In my view, there was little question that his childhood Sunday school had impacted his life forever, even in a far-away foreign place. And that his faithful mother’s daily prayer for him from childhood, had been finally answered.

When we work in children’s ministries, today there are lots of very fine books to help us, so there is no need to repeat what they say. I just like to emphasize that children’s ministry is so important that it is definitely needs a big team effort, requiring a lot of people working together, joyfully, with one great goal. Never attempt to do this with a few people only, or we will burn out quickly and fail. Find good people, inspire them, gather them together, pray together for the kids, and off we go. We can all learn and grow together.

Most people, probably especially Asians, are hesitant to volunteer themselves for most church work, from a combination of shyness, humility, and inertia, so don’t wait for them to volunteer. Just help “volunteer them,” with a smile and warmth. If they are scared at first, especially about language issues with American born children, they can come in as observers and assistants. They can also help first in Vacation Bible School work, which is an excellent training ground, see “Lord, Bring us 100 Children.” Teen age volunteers especially will be likely inspired by Vacation Bible School; keep encouraging them, to join as fresh Sunday School teacher assistants, and watch them grow into great teachers.

Photos 2 & 3: Children and youth at camp. Camp implies a time away from normal school and environment, a time to focus on God, a time for teachers to bond with their children, to be even more a walking role model for them. Esther and I have loved children and youth retreats, all of our lives.

A key work of Sunday School is to find a credible experienced person as recruiter and mobilizer, one who obviously loves children, who is willing to announce, announce, announce, at big and small meetings, about the needs, challenges and results of the children’s programs, with enthusiasm and a great smile! Most church congregations barely see the children’s program, being often “out of sight, out of mind,” so it is up to us to keep the program alive and well in the minds of the adults.

One of the most important things that happens in Sunday School is teaching children great instinctive habits and principles, where indeed “the answer is always Jesus,” as we like to joke about, but which is always true. Our goal is to nurture instincts in young people to do the right thing all the time. And everywhere in their lives. In this evil and deteriorating world, hesitation when faced with temptations and wrongdoing, can be lethal. I am not kidding or joking: the reports of suicides, drug overdoses, and shootings are often only minutes away from faulty decision making. And wrong impetuous small decisions at many forks of road, lead unconsciously down terrible pathways. Principles and discipline are undoubtedly best taught in childhood, as foundational solid bases for their whole lives.

For example, even simple habits of discipline can have valuable long-term impact. Teaching children to tithe regularly from childhood, even with small amounts, gives children a foundation, of the right attitude and discipline towards God, giving, and serving others, for a lifetime. That was how my wife and I were taught faithfully as children, and it was instinctive for us all our lives, so as adults, we had little hesitation over giving in diverse situations, even when we were quite poor, such as during our pediatric training years. Amazingly, God has blessed us abundantly, throughout our entire lives, in unexpected and joyful ways, much more than we deserve, just like we were taught in Sunday School.

A story* goes that the tireless servant of God, George Mueller, was asked one time how many people accepted the Lord, after a meeting at which he had been speaking. When he responded, “2 and a half people,” people assumed he meant that there were 2 adults and one child. But he meant 2 children and one adult. Why? He explained that the 2 children had their lives to live, and the adult had only half a life! An important corollary to the story is that children’s Sunday School is definitely a great preparation for all of life, not just a half.

Overall, the astonishing thing about programs like Sunday school is that, for the children, right before their eyes, there are walking role models interacting with them, loving and inspiring them. These are not TV, video or smartphone characters. These are usually not “professional teachers,” taught and trained by professional professors, but real-life fallible coaches, just like natural parents, and older siblings, to the Sunday school kids, committed specifically and lovingly to their spiritual growth, for years and years.

Growing up in such an atmosphere of love and mission, kids instinctively carry that message all their lives. I am personally thankful always for the generations of wonderful dedicated Sunday School teachers who inspired us as children, so that we ourselves in turn can become dedicated Sunday School teachers. As they say, “life lessons are best caught, than taught,” and that is where Sunday School teachers are so wonderful. I personally feel that Sunday School teaching ranks as the “best job” in life, when we can, literally, nurture and inspire numerous others in life, naturally, and with the greatest satisfaction.

Finally, exposure to different ministry opportunities can begin really young. For my wife and me, even though we grew up as preteens in different countries, separated by a thousand miles, both sets of our parents used to entertain foreign missionaries in our homes. From these gatherings we learned, from early childhood, the importance of missions work, which helped set the stage for a lifetime meaningful commitment to serving in missions. So much so that we willingly and joyfully left a very promising academic career, to serve in medical missions in China. A perfect decision in time and place, linked clearly to childhood training and discipline. I invite you to read my book, “Coffee with Uncle Reggie,” you will see how joyful my life became, as I stepped into the “mission world.” Children are indeed foundational treasures.

*Author’s caveat: I can’t actually find the exact reference for this well-known Mueller story anymore, so if you find it, please let me know. It’s a great story with strong implications.

兒童事工是我們的寶貴資產 (庄文菁翻译)


芝加哥的D.L 穆迪 (Moody)敏锐地意识到童年影响的重要性。 他绕着自己的街区,把路上的孩子们带入主日学校,让他们学习上帝的话。这些在路上游荡的孩子极易受到大城市的危害和诱惑,但穆迪把他们教得很好,让他们成长为负责任的公民、也借此开始了他教会的聚会,促使教会会众成长和发展。穆迪最终为数万人服务,并创立了穆迪圣经学院,该学院已派遣了数万名年轻的传道人和宣道士到世界各地。许多这些宣道士察觉到儿童工作的重要性,他们因此非常强调儿童事工,而对儿童事工的重视,是一种在不同文化和土地上有效的优秀模式。


照片1敬畏的主日学教师侯老师(Charles)與他可爱的家庭,他活到90岁,一生致力於教育。 多年来,他是我和我的妻子的活榜样。

我们的主日学校教师无疑是伟大的榜样,对我们年幼的生活产生了巨大的影响。即使教会孩子长大,并迁移到澳大利亚和北美,我们也能在他们身上看到童年的主日学校的影响。其中许多人继续为主服务,成为他们教会的执事,长老,传道人和领袖。我们听到来自世界各地的故事提醒我们,即使看起来有些人曾经转向 (远离上帝),后来我们听说,许多人回到教会忠实地服务,这对我们是极大的鼓舞。


当时已经过了午夜,他转向他的妻子说:“我们对孩子做了什么? 我们正迈向什么样的人生? 也许我们应该回到教会”。他的妻子立刻同意,他们就退出原来的麻将”四条腿“组,”回到“教会,之后就开始为主服务了。在我看来,毫无疑问,他的童年主日学校已经永远影响了他的生活,即使是在遥远的国外。而他的忠实母亲从小就每天为他祈祷,终于得到了回应。


大多数人,尤其是亚洲人,在羞怯,谦卑和被动的共同作用下,对于教会里的自愿工作都会犹豫不决。所以,不要等他们自愿, 要用微笑和温暖帮助他们成为“志愿者”。如果他们害怕,特别是与美国出生的孩子的语言沟通问题,他们仍然可以作为助手、或在一旁观察见习。他们也可以帮助假日圣经学校的工作,这是一个很好的训练场,(请参阅“主,给我们带来100个孩子。”) 。青少年志愿者尤其可能受到假日圣经学校的启发; 所以我们要继续鼓励他们,加入新的主日学校成为教师助理,直到他们成长为优秀的老师。

照片2, 3营会中的儿童和青年。夏令营意味着远离日常学校和环境的一段时间,一个专注于上帝的时间,一个让老师与孩子增进关系的时间,此时的老师为孩子树立鲜活的榜样。我和粹英(Esther)一生都热爱儿童和青少年的夏令会。




有个故事*是这样的,为上帝工作勤奋不懈的乔治·穆勒(George Mueller),在一次慕会之后被问及有多少人接受了上帝。当他回答“两个半人”时,人们认为他的意思是有2个成年人和1个孩子。但是他的意思是2个孩子和1个成人。为什么?他解释说,这两个孩子还有一辈子要过,而成年人只剩半辈子!这个故事的一个重要推论是,孩子们的星期日学校绝对是终生有益的准备,而不仅仅是一半。





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