Barnabas Responds to His Own Story

Follow-up – February 27, 2005

Mon, 31 Jan 2005

Dear Dr. Tsang,

I have received your letter. I was so surprised that I could see my picture at an unexpected time. On that trip before I reached the village I baptized 7 people beside the road in (red) rain water. I was so hungry and had no strength left when I got to the village, because the road was so rough and slippery and so far away from Chiang Mai. On that trip I faced not only road difficulties but also faced ongoing drug war between soldiers and drug dealers. Before I left to go to the village, I read about that on the front page of the newspaper. People tried to stop me not to go there. But my love for the Lord gave me confidence in going to that village.

Thanks to God, in the day time about 80 people came and listened to the Gospel. That was the highest number who came to listen to my preaching of the Gospel in a non-Christian village. The village name is Me Na Oh.

It is very sad I can’t do like that any more. (UR: I assume he means he cannot ride his motor cycle in the same way, since especially he just had a heart attack recently. See next letter.)

On the third week of February we will be able to start to build our temporary children’s house on our new land. The parents are getting bamboo and wood to bring in for the construction material.

We thank you for your sharing the needs of the Children ministry.

May God bless you!

In His Service,


Tue, 01 Feb 2005

Dear Dr. Tsang,

Thank you very much. It is very sad I can’t do that anymore. (Ride the motor cycle in same way.) Riding motor bike in the country areas, we must be strong. We fell off from the bike very often as the road is so slippery. We used two legs to kick to the sides before the bike can slow down. Especially when we are going down to the valley, it is dangerous and risky. All of our clothes get wet because of sweat and we get very dirty with all the dust and mud. It is even very difficult to wash out the stains and red dirt. It took a long time just to wash and clean after every trip.

Anyhow today I do drive a lot, using the van. And my preaching message now is a lot better than before. Though my physical strength is declining, my preaching Gospel is stronger than before, so I think this will be the best focus for my work now.

Thank you,