Wendy was born in Hong Kong but responded to God's calling at a young age to live for 10 months in an Akha village to discern God's will in her life. After confirmation of the call she studied at the Christian Alliance seminary in Hong Kong, and moved to Thailand to serve the hill tribe minority Akha people, even marrying an Akha minister, Anawin. She now lives incarnationally as an Akha wife, mom and minister/teacher to teach and help needy Akha children and adults. They have set up 4 churches and are running two Chinese schools and a student hostel to bring up people to know Christ by HIS grace.


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事工更新 - Ministry Updates

Dear supporting friends,

It has been a very busy month and we are so appreciative of your prayers.

The war in Myanmar has an indirect consequence on us because we are at their border. Many poor refugees come over the border illegally because of the great dangers in their home country.

We help support the Akha refugees from Myanmar, and our congregation has responded to their needs also. You might remember that we have had an Agape fund for charity needs, and that’s been quickly depleted.

We are also hoping that several of the refugees can also be helping us officially, so please pray for that. There are lots of financial commitments for bureaucratic documents, etc.

We have had 10 kids from our program go down to Bangkok and then later, 10 kids went to the Northeast of Thailand. The Northeast experience was really helpful to the kids to see that the ministry there to Thai people (as opposed to minority tribes) is going on in spite of difficulties. Surprisingly it was really hot, over 40° c a lot hotter than in Chiang Rai!

They were inspired to see kids as young as 7-8 are encouraged to even play the guitar and lead worship. It’s our hope that these kids who went on the short-term mission are encouraged to know that they are part of the great commission also and that one day they can also go and spread the gospel in other lands! Just as I was inspired many years ago to come to Thailand.

Pray for Pastor Duh who is our senior spiritual advisor and also chairman of our board. He’s getting on in years and he’s quite over-stressed from his work as president of the Bible School.

Pray also for Anawin whose health is not good because of insomnia so he gets easily frustrated in the daytime.

Pray for my visit in June to Hong Kong for 2 weeks to see my own family.

God is so faithful,
Wendy and Anawin



缅甸的战争间接影响了我们,因为我们位于他们的边境。许多贫困的难民 , 因为他们国家的巨大危险而非法越过边境来到这里。


我们还希望几位难民也能正式帮助我们,所以请为此祷告。有很多财政 需求用于官僚文件等事务。






瑜楓 所文 敬上


Photos: With Mr Tan Kok Hui, chairman of the Baptist Churches in Thailand, in Bangkok.


Photos: With Pastor Yung in Northeast Thailand helping with Thai church activities and giving out gifts to villagers.



Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

I’m excited to tell you that although I took my first short-term mission team to Thailand when I was so young, now I’m taking my first Thailand based Chiangrai children to Eastern Thailand for our first mission trip !

The 10 children from the Youth Center will experience the joys of short-term mission, singing and teaching at another village related to Pastor Yung whom I have known for many years, an experienced missionary from Hong Kong. Please pray for my 15-hour long drive, along with the kids.

We are also requested by our Akha Heart Foundation board, chairman Pastor Du, to help in Forest Village a church called Drugstore Church that an 80-year-old Deacon sister has been working for decades. The church has grown and she needs a full-time minister, and support to finish building her half-constructed church. She raised her own funds to build it and it is very heartwarming for us to help find a full-time pastor for her. She will come under our umbrella of three churches so now this is the fourth. It’s about 1 hour from our Chiang Rai Youth Center.

I’m getting excited about our trip to the USA in June 2025 and am talking to brothers and sisters who would like to have me visit. I will come with both my children and it’ll be a great time for them to see and share with you all and our supporting churches.

Anawin has been sick recently so please pray for his sleep and energy.

We are still hoping for a replacement for the very capable couple James and Nud who have gone to serve in their home church. We need replacements and have a couple in mind that’s very strong but there are some technical issues we are working on. Will tell more later when we have some clarity

We took 10 kids down to Bangkok to see the big city for the first time, and it was very tiring but was great for bonding and mutual encouragement. Of course I had to do the driving so it was tiring.

Thank you for all your prayers they are truly helpful

Faithfully yours,
Wendy reporting,
Anawin and Wendy

Funding questions: Blossom village construction finished PTL.
Forest Village half building 22,000 USD (see photo below, rest from church members), new minister support 700 USD per month. Short-mission partial supplement 400 USD (rest from youth working part-time jobs).



青年中心的这10名孩子将体验到短期宣教的喜悦,在另一个村庄里唱歌和教导,这个村庄与我多年来认识的经验丰富的香港宣教士翁建華牧師 Pastor Yung 有关。请为我和孩子们15小时的长途驾驶祈祷。


所文Anawin 最近生病了,请为他的睡眠和精力祷告。

我们仍然希望能找到一对非常出色的夫妻取代 James 和 Nud,他们已经回到自己的教会服侍了。我们需要替补,我们已经有一对非常好的候选人,但还有一些技术问题需要解决。一旦有了明确的消息,我会再告诉大家。






关于资金问题:興旺 Blossom Village 建设已经完成,感谢主。

Forest Village 的半建成教堂需要22,000美元(见下面的照片,其余款项来自教会成员),新牧师每月需要700美元的支持费用。短期宣教的部分补助400美元(其余款项来自青年们兼职工作的收入)。

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


While all of us are preparing our hearts to join the Easter programs to remember the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ in our churches, please kindly remember us.

1. I have to preach in the Good Friday Service and the Easter Service, please give me strength and may the Lord use my messages.

2. Tomorrow I will go to the border to take a risk for picking up a pastor family with two young daughters from Myanmar who fled from the internal war in central Myanmar with sufferings, may the Lord protect us.

3. Next week we will join force with the Baptist churches to run the women and children camp at the Blossom Village. May the Lord give us unity, patience and wisdom to serve the 200 participants in three days.

4. As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary of our hostel ministry, we will organize a special road trip to Bangkok. I will bring 10 hostel children who have no opportunity to go to any big cities before in their lives, to travel together. They have no ID cards so we cannot fly and so we will have a fun and adventure trip. May the Lord provide enough
cost for us to travel and give me safety in the long distance driving. *

5. Our church in the Carrot Village needs to expand the ministry by planning to set up a Chinese school there to serve the children in the village to offer free Chinese learning. We have to urgently buy an extra piece of land to build two small classrooms and also a kitchen for the church. ** Please pray for our faith to go with the Lord in His timing.
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil and fade. This inheritance is kept in heaven for you. (1 Peter 1:3-4)

Wendy Anawin

*Need to raise USD $800 for this trip
**Need to raise USD $45k for this project.








愿颂赞归于我们主耶稣基督的父神!他曾照自己的大怜悯,借着耶稣基督从死里复活,重生了我们,叫我们有活泼的盼望, 可以得着不能朽坏、不能玷污、不能衰残、为你们存留在天上的基业。

瑜楓 所文 敬上


Dear friends, Happy Easter and Spring,

Exciting. Letting you know of a long-term plan. Next year in June-July we will likely be visiting-touring the USA to visit our supporters. Please praying for us and give us some feedback if you have some good ideas about our potential visit!

We have all heard about the war chaos in Myanmar. Thousands of refugees are crossing over to Thailand and we see the families coming over especially in our Blossom Village area. We need to help them with food, clothing and general assistance. Please pray for us and how we can help them both materially and spiritually.

Anawin is doing really well with his school and preaching. His arm is feeling better (but still painful) so he’s feeling a lot more encouraged. Praise the Lord.

One good news is also that although it’s very difficult for my former student in Myanmar who was leading a children’s program there, (you might even remember I was jailed for a month for trying to help her.) Yet because of the chaos she’s come over to Thailand now and we hope she will join us to replace the teacher who is leaving Blossom Village. If so that would be a perfect solution although she has technical problems with her status since she’s actually a Burmese citizen. 

Thank God and please pray for us to handle every transition in a good way

Faithfully yours,
Wendy and Anawin

Please Watch video, trilingual after first minute.



Video Celebrations at both the Blossom Village and the ChiangRai Bawo Village. Celebrated the new auditorium at Blossom Village and the official installation of the church in Bawo Village. Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas services. Sunday school classes, Mother’s Day celebration, Women’s retreat, Chinese School student retreat, Seattle short-term mission healing ministry, Congress of Thailand missions with Akha skit, ChiangRai outdoors evangelism.




我们都听说了缅甸战乱混乱局势。成千上万的难民正逃往泰国,我们看到很多家庭特别是在我们的Blossom 村地区。我们需要为他们提供食物、衣服和一般援助。请为我们祷告,为我们能够在物质和精神上帮助他们。


还有一个好消息是,虽然我以前在缅甸的学生(你们可能还记得我为了帮助她而被监禁了一个月)现在面临很大困难,她在那里负责一个儿童项目。但由于混乱的局势,她现在来到了泰国,我们希望她能加入我们,接替即将离开Blossom 村的老师。如果这样就再好不过了,尽管她由于是缅甸公民,在身份地位上仍有一些技术性问题。




瑜楓 所文 敬上




庆祝开興旺村和清莱村的活动。庆祝开興旺村Blossom村的新礼堂和清萊永生浸信教會, 把握村Bawo村教堂的正式设立。感恩节和圣诞节的庆祝活动。主日学课程,母亲节庆祝活动,妇女退修会,华人学校学生退修会,来自西雅图的短期宣教医治事工,泰国宣教大会和阿卡族表演,清莱户外福音活动。

Dear brothers and sisters,

Happy Chinese New Year!

Anawin fell down while playing basketball at the Seminary School and fractured both wrists. He needed to wear plaster casts for two weeks. He had to stop school for two weeks. I have to take care of his daily life and diet every day. Please give me God’s strength.

Mercy’s Math scores were not ideal and she was ultimately unable to transfer to another school and at the moment the wish to her to be a doctor could not be fulfilled but I was not too disappointed. I prayed to the Lord to guide her in her future.

Last week, a Chinese New Year Festival was held in Blossom Village. We were grateful for the good weather and the good atmosphere. Everyone was very happy and felt the love of the Lord.

Brothers and sisters from Bawo Village came to our house to visit and pray for us. I made Poon Choi (Cantonese mixed vegetables pan cai) for the first time to the church members. They said it was delicious, which made me feel very happy!

Recently we’ve had a few setbacks that were rather disappointing and even very discouraging. All the great busy activities of the Lunar New Year (after Christmas and New Year) were wonderful but there was the letdown right afterwards, when the kids became extra disobedient and unruly. Then Annawin’s mother had to go to hip surgery and his older brother had a heart artery block which required operation. And Anawin’s younger brother crashed our older car. This together with my backaches threw me into a bit of depression! Please pray for all this

Praise the Lord, we’re beginning to process to build the encircling protective wall for Blossom Village! Thank you! Funds are tight particularly because of the contract to finish the Blossom Village fence, toilets and baptism pool (~20k usd)

Pray for:

1. Ask the Lord to heal Anawin’s hands so that he can reduce his discomfort and trust in the Lord.

2. Ask the Lord to give me the patience to take care of all his daily needs. This is my first experience after marriage.

3. Ask the Lord to keep my visa application smooth.

4. Because I will be away from Chiang Rai to help in the Thailand evangelism campaign, at the end of the month and the beginning of the month for my ministry, I have to leave my children and my husband behind. Please ask the Lord to give me peace and stability so that I can cope with many work arrangements.

5. Please pray for all the recent trials and our ability to cope with it all!

Cast your cares on the LORD and HE will sustain you, he will never let the righteous be shaken. Psalms 55:22

Wendy and Anawin

God is so faithful

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最近我们遇到了一些令人失望甚至非常沮丧的挫折。所有在农历新年期间(圣诞节和新年后)的繁忙活动都很美好,但紧接着就是让人沮丧的事情,孩子们变得格外不听话、难以控制。然后 Anawin 的母亲不得不接受髋部手术,他的哥哥心脏动脉阻塞需要手术。Anawin 的弟弟撞坏了我们的旧车。再加上我的背痛,这一切让我有点抑郁!请为这一切祈祷。



  1. 请主医治Anawin所文的手,让他能减少抱怨并信靠主。

  2. 请主赐我耐心照顾他的日常需求。这是我结婚后的第一次经历。

  3. 请主保佑我的签证申请顺利。

  4. 因为我将离开清莱去协助泰国的福音活动,在月底和月初的时间里,我必须把孩子和丈夫留在家里。请求主赐我平安和稳定,使我能够应对许多工作安排。

  5. 请为最近的所有考验和我们应对一切的能力祈祷!

你要把你的重担卸给耶和华,他必抚养你,他永不叫义人动摇。诗篇 55:22

瑜楓 所文 敬上




然后选择Akha Project 2024


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Happy 20242 everyone

James 光理 and Noot 淑英our faithful ministers, husband and wife team in Blossom Village興旺村, are leaving to start a new ministry! They have been faithfully serving with us for many years and they are going to be severely missed!

They are multilingual, they can teach Chinese very well, they preach and they lead singing and worship very well. They get along well with the village people and so everyone will certainly miss them but we wish them well as they go on to the next phase that God has put in their hands.

May God bless the remaining people that are serving there that they would rise to the occasion and become faithful servants like James and Noot!

Anawin所文 has become a good seminary student and has gotten used to being a student now so that he has enough rest and can dedicate his time to study. He even gave a final good sermon to the Bible School at his end of season. He is happy because he has learned a lot about the Bible and church organization. And he uses his skills well in practice. So he comes back on weekends to speak at the church to assume his normal role as the senior pastor for the church in Bawo Village, Chiang Rai 把握村(清萊市)

As for me I maintain my role as minister and assistant to the senior pastor doing a lot of executive work organizing and managing the household, the school, and teaching women and children especially. It’s pretty hectic work still. In fact some days it’s overwhelming and I usually I only get 5 hours of sleep.

Please forgive me if I cannot answer all your emails and even phone calls!

The only hours I can do quiet time and devotion and Bible teaching preparations is in the early morning before anything happens. There’s a lot of visitations of sick people or injured people from accidents and their relatives. Often it’s the relative of one of our members at church and we have to go and visit them which often takes half a day already. But it’s so wonderful to see these people being encouraged when we go and visit.

I thank the Lord that he has given me good skills to multitask through different things but I’m pretty exhausted so I pray that God will send a good assistant to help out. After college many of our members like to go to Chiang Mai or Bangkok for a better living experience so it’s difficult to recruit them to do a mission task, but Lord willing someone like that might be able to be willing to stay and help out. In the meantime God gave me student helpers who help with some things but they also are so busy. One day I’ll be able to train up my own children also to do something. They are still quite young and not as mature, but God give me patience and love!

Have a good year praising the Lord!

God is so faithful












瑜楓 敬上

Dear supporting friends

Happy Christmas!

There’s a great deal of activity for all our Christmas celebrations which are coming up very soon. Lots of performances to practice and prepare. There will be lots of people coming as usual.

The Thai Christian Plan to Reach Thailand for Jesus is based on the fact that there are only 600,000 registered Protestants in Thailand. So the Target is totally 1 million. Of the 600,000 10% or 60,000 are in Chiang Rai So ChiangRai is taking over 10% of the target

The overall target is 1 million Christians, from 600k. (10,000 pastors from 6,000, and 10,000 churches from 6,000), Chiang Rai will take 10% of these numbers

There are 77 provinces but Chang Rai now is the most Christianized actually. Of course it’s still a very small number in total. But CR has much more than Bangkok. Tribal Minorities are a big percentage in different places. In Chiang Rai 70% of the Christians are minorities

I am now pretty multi-lingual Akha, English, Chinese, plus Cantonese, so I have to be pulled to do many things. I’m part of the organizing committee and even treasurer of this United Christian effort in Chianng Rai. So I’m kept very busy organizing and distributing funds etc

Friday there is a big parade going on, closing five streets and our two churches supply 100 students to help out so there’s a lot of preparation of props and exhibits .

Actually I have a problem with being totally fluent in Thai so since all the discussions and plannings are in Thai, I have to work really focused, but I feel that God has put me in this position for training and cross-cultural interactions, being the only female pastor in the Thai speaking committee and not even of Thai citizenship. Good training, including Zooming for international participants involved in fundraising

Three churches in Hong Kong have invited me to go back to speak but I really cannot leave probably until the fall of 2024 .

Jacob is still very dependent on mom, but Mercy is very independent at 12 years of age and goes to an active youth group at another church. Where she has a lot of peers that she interacts well with and she has some leadership position also. Her academic studies are going real well.

Pray for

1. The big event of the parade. Hoping that there won’t be heavy rain which has happened recently. Uniting 30 churches is really good to do this. But half the kids in the Youth Center are sick. They are in charge of three performances so please remember that

2. Blossom Village: a couple of ministers out of the five will be leaving because their home church has asked him to start a new orphanage. They have done excellent Children’s ministry work, James and Nud have been there for 5 years and built up the program tremendously so that it’s a thriving program now so it’s difficult to find a substitute who ideally would be fluent in Chinese and Akha and can handle the music and administration also because they were in charge of all of that in the children’s program.

Charles and Suk are the other couple but they mostly take care of the church and Charles doesn’t speak Chinese anyway … it’s really very difficult to find new workers that are so capable

3. Carrot village needs a new toilet facility which they do not have now and since there are regularly 25 people that come it’s too much to work with, without the toilet. So they are trying to raise US$2,000 to build that .

4. The road is finished to go to Blossom Village. Praise the Lord. The inside of the church is also being finished and the next project would be to finish the fence. One month ago there was an earthquake which damaged a lot of property and so the new laws are more strict and require more time to deal with. Even the hospital was damaged. It’s a big news item.

5.The Christmas services in Carrot and Blossom will need about $1,500 to cover the gifts, the food, the tools and the bamboo stages which will be temporary to accommodate the hundreds of people coming.

Happy Christmas!

The Lord is so good
Wendy and Anawin






泰国有77个省,但事实上清莱是信奉基督教人口比例最高的省份。当然无论如何这个绝对数字仍然很小。但是与曼谷相比,清莱的基督教人口更多。 在泰国的不同地区,少数民族占很大的比例。在清莱,70%的基督教徒是少数民族 。

我现在是多语言通:阿卡、英语、中文, 还有粤语  。所以经常需要投身于不同的事务。我是清莱这场联合基督教活动的组织委员会的一员,更是出任财务主管  。因此,我忙于组织和分发资金等工作。






  1. 大型游行活动。希望不会突然降大雨,最近确实下雨比较多。30家教会联合举办这项活动,效果很好。但是青年中心里一半儿童生病了。他们负责三场演出,所以请记念这件事。
  2. Blossom 興旺村:五名牧师中会有一对夫妇离开,因为他们的主教会请求他们开办新的孤儿院。James和Nud在那里服事儿童事工有5年时间,极大地发展了这个事工,现在是蓬勃发展的事工,很难找到替代者。理想状况是可以流利地说中文和阿卡语,并能处理音乐和行政事务,因为他们之前就是负责儿童事工中的所有这些工作。

Charles 和Suk主要负责教会事务,而查尔斯也不会说中文。要找到才能兼备的新同工确实非常困难。

  1. Carrot 萝卜村需要新的厕所设施, 目前还没有,而且经常会来25个人来,没有厕所设施很难应对。所以他们正在募集2000美元用来建设厕所。
  2. 興旺村的道路终于修好了,感谢主!教堂内部也正在完工,下一个项目是完成围栏。一个月前发生了地震,损坏了很多财产,所以新的法规更加严格,需要更多时间来处理。甚至医院也受损。这是个大新闻。  
  3. 萝卜村和興旺村的圣诞崇拜需要约1500美元,用于礼物、食物、工具和临时竹台,,以容纳数百名前来参加的人。



瑜楓所文Wendy Anawin敬上