Coffee with Uncle Reggie: A Child Bride: From Boils to Matriarch
与曾叔叔喝咖啡闲聊 : 从癤子妹到女主人ーー ー个童养媳的故事
(韩文丽、孙珺 翻译)
The baby grows up and marries the boy that becomes the hospital director; thank God for boils

We often wonder about our mysterious ancestors. What were they thinking? Who were they? How did we come to be? We read in Genesis of the beginnings of mankind, and we are always amazed to see the dramatic display of contrasts and similarities compared with our modern lives. All life is a story, from Adam to Christ to our ancestors to us. My dream is to tell that story and stories, imaginatively, colorfully, and faithfully.

我们总会想去了解我们的神秘祖先。他们都在想什么? 他们是谁? 我们是怎么来的? 我们看创世记中人类的起源时常常会惊叹,它和我们现代的生活有诸多相似之处,又有那么多的不同。从亚当到基督,从先祖到我们,每个生命都是ー个故事。 而我的梦想就是把这些故事形象地、忠实地、栩栩如生地描绘出来。

Another little girl was born in Wu King Fu (“five streets village”),a small farming village in the mountains of Guangdong Province. Dad was upset, because he needed a boy to carry the family name.

有一个女孩,出生于广东省山区一条名为五经富的小农村。 小女孩刚出生的时候,她的爸爸很是失望,因为他一直想要一个男孩来传宗接代。

“Give her away! We don’t need a girl!” father commanded. The local “mei-por”,or go- between, bundled off the baby to give her to another family.

父亲说:“快把她送人!我们不要女孩! ”于是,当地ー个媒婆就把这个女婴送到了别人家

10 days later, the mei por was summoned to this family again. “We don’t want this baby! It’s got a head full of boils; she’s ugly, take her back where she came ftom!”

十天之后,领养的人家把媒婆叫了回来: “我们不要这个孩子!她太丑了,看看她的头上,全都是癤子; 趕快把她送回去吧!”

The poor “mei-por” had to carry the little girl, now in worse condition without her mother’s milk, back towards her unwelcome home.


On the way, she met a kind woman, who asked the mei-por: “Ah por (older woman), what are you doing, going back and forth with a baby?”

在回来的路上,媒婆遇到ー个善良的女人,她问那个媒婆: “阿婆,你抱著这个小女婴来来回回的在干什么呢?”


After the mei-por explained the sad situation, the kind woman said, “Are you still trying to give her away? She looks very cute! I’ll take her. My son will like her. She can be his bride, when they grow up!”

媒婆就把这个可怜小女婴的故事讲给她听,妇人听后,问道: “你还想把她送人吗?她看起来真可愛[我想带她走,我的儿子肯定会喜欢她。等他们长大后,她可以做他的媳妇啊!”

Indeed the baby with the boils grew up to be my grandma, who later was married to my grandpa when she was still a teenager. Grandpa became a mission hospital doctor and elder of the Wu King Fu Church, and grandpa & grandma became well respected people in the village.


One day a coolie (laborer) came to visit grandma to sell his wares. “Mei-por” happened to be in the courtyard, and told grandma “That’s the person you would have married had his family kept you in his home.” Grandma smiled, and thanked her newborn boils.

有一天,ー个肩挑竹扁担的小商贩到我奶奶家卖瓷器,媒婆碰巧也在院子里,她告诉奶奶:“这是那个原先你要嫁的人, 他的家人本来要把你留给他的。”奶奶笑了,真是多亏她头上生的癤子

As the greatest book tells us, “Give thanks for everything.”
(As told by cousin Au and Shiu-Mei Tsang to me, February 2000)

就像圣经中吩咐我们: “凡事谢恩。”