3-Minute Coffee with UR: Glass half-full version of Seattle

Seven years later…Now that we’ve lived in Seattle for seven years, people often ask us, “Well, now how do you like Seattle?” Well, now that you ask, here’s a try at an answer.

七年以后…我们目前已经在西雅图居住七年之久了,⼈们常常问我们:“你们觉得⻄雅图怎么样?” 既然你问了,那么我就来尝试着回答。

Seattle daily and weekly weather app, best viewed in summer.

There really are daily weather woes… I suppose everyone talks about the weather. But I don’t remember doing it as intensely as we have since we moved to Seattle. Every day I ask Alexa (pretty smart lady locked in a box) what the weather is. Every day my wife listens carefully to the TV weather report and checks her smartphone weather app. We might even repeat these actions several times in a day, especially if we’re stepping outdoors.


I guess since this area is really funny, with ocean, lakes, mountains, hills, rivers, creeks, California warm currents, Canadian cold fronts, and everything criss-crossing together, it makes for very confusing weather forecasting. It seems to change every day and within each day, and depending on whether you’re on a hill or mountain or close to the lake or ocean; it all makes a difference. We could be having a perfect day at our home, and just a few miles away our niece will be having snow on a hill. Anyway, it’s the topic for sure!


Misty rain press release… There’s little question that we have misty rain nearly every day for basically 10 (or 9) months of the year. So depending on who you are, you could have all kinds of attitudes towards it. I’m a glass half-full person, so usually I try to use all kinds of excuses to make my glass appear as full as I can!

气象标般的蒙蒙细雨…毫无疑问我们这⾥⼏乎天天都有蒙蒙细雨,⼀年下来基本上有9到10个⽉是这 样。人们对此态度不一。我是⼀个乐观的人,凡事总看到好的一面,所以常常我试着⽤各种各样的理由来说明情况不算太糟。

Otherwise, I could easily become the common slightly weather-depressed Seattleite. So here’s my press release glass-half-full approach. My talking points to defend myself that the weather and Seattle are just fine!

否则,我会轻易成为典型的“患有轻微天⽓抑郁症⻄雅图⼈”。从乐观主义的的视角出发,我这样来论证我的观点 – “天⽓和⻄雅图都刚刚好!”

Focus on the best thing and play it up… I tell people who ask (as well as myself) that “it’s just like England”, very wet but very green. I play up the Anglophile angle often, since I am slightly that way, having had early Anglo-English reading biases from reading ancient stories of the Fair Isles and innumerable English spy thrillers, plus seeing enough movies of Sherlock Holmes among misty moors. Easily reinforced by earlier wet, foggy visits to London.

专注在最好的事情上并且再加发挥!… 我告诉问我的⼈(也包括我⾃⼰)- 这里就像英格兰⼀样,潮湿而翠绿。我经常听起来像有点崇尚英伦, 因为我确实有点那样。之前因着阅读大量英国古代故事⽽喜欢英国,后来又阅读了数不清的英式侦探⼩说,加之看了很多被包裹于雾气氛围中的夏洛克福尔摩斯题材电影,我多次到访云雾迷蒙的伦敦,每一次更让我认定伦敦总是那么雾蒙蒙,水湿湿。

Clear blue sky, tall green trees in summer. Definitely for two months.

Keep trumpeting the positives… Keep reminding everyone that it is really so green, since that is quite true. Tall trees, all green; no brown on hills and hills; and mountains and mountains that are totally green! And usually a feeling of very fresh clean mountain air, except when smoke drifts in from summer forest fires, which can happen for a few days each year.

保持宣传其积极面… 不断提醒每个人,这里是如此的翠绿,因为这是真的。高大的树木,都是绿色的;山丘和丘陵上没有棕色;山脉和山脉完全被绿色覆盖!山间空气总是那么干净清新沁人心脾,除了偶尔飘来的由于夏季森林火灾而引发的烟雾,而这可能每年会发生几天。

There’s hope every day… And there really is hope every day even during the long, overcast autumn, winter and spring. We hope for and sometimes/oftentimes we see actually 30/20 minutes of sunshine or even a glimmer, a peek of sunshine. A sun-break as the locals call it. Nearly every day.

And we can look forward to two full months of gorgeous weather. Rarely, three months. Beautiful sunshine without being too hot. It’s worth it, and well worth the long wait.

We hope and hope, and hope is realized! What more can you ask for? What’s ten months of miserable weather when you can have two of great weather.

充满希望的每一天… 即使在漫长而阴沉的秋季冬季和春季的每一天,也都存在希望。我们希望有时/经常看到30/20分钟的阳光,甚至一丝阳光。当地人称之为“阳光假”每天如此。



Throw in a personal angle… For us, we moved to Seattle to be close to family, and to hide and write. And it has been all beautifully realized. Our family is all within 12 minutes of us, much closer than we’ve been for decades. And Seattle has truly been an ideal setup for hiding and writing. I had joked that the best place to write was hiding quietly in prison, though I didn’t expect such a pretty prison. Now, four books in six years, most internet articles translated into Chinese, and most backlogged articles uploaded onto the website, close enough on schedule.

以个人观点出发… 对我们来说,我们为了与家人亲近,避世和写作来到西雅图。而这一切也得到了充分地实现。我们的家人离我们不到12分钟,这个距离比我们以往几十年来要近得多。西雅图确实是避世和写作的理想区域。开玩笑地说,对于写作来说最好的地方其实是静静地躲在监狱里,而这座“漂亮的监狱”无疑大大超出的我的预期。现在,我在六年内完成了四本书,大多数互联网文章被翻译成中文,大多数积压的文章上传到网站上,完成度无限接近原计划。

Gorgeous postcard-quality sunset on the mountains.

Contrast Seattle with the worst of others… I remind myself and others about thunderstorms and snowstorms in the Midwest and the East! I remember that 100-car pile-up in a sudden snowstorm in Cincinnati. I remember the impossibility of seeing the expressway in a sudden thunderstorm and having to pull to the side of the expressway to be safe. I remember hailstorms with golf-ball-sized hail! It’s not difficult to come up with scare stories!

西雅图与其他地区的糟糕天气比也不算太差… 我提醒自己和其他人关于中西部和东部的雷暴和暴风雪!我记得在辛辛那提的一场突如其来的暴风雪中发生了多达100辆车追尾。我记得由于那突如其来的暴风雪而导致能见度低到甚至无法看清高速公路,安全起见,我不得不在高速上靠边停车。我记得那场冰雹,那高尔夫球大小的冰雹!这种天气极易导致严重交通事故!

Keep emphasizing the worst of others… We don’t get droughts and parched hills in Seattle. We don’t have year-round hot summer with no seasonal variations at all. We don’t get hurricanes and tornadoes, except, sorry, theoretically we could get earthquakes and tsunamis, I suppose. Alarmists keep warning us that they’re coming! You know these alarmists, they worry about everything!

Oh, I forgot, there’s three exciting volcanoes nearby, including one, Mount St. Helens, that beautifully blew its top 60 miles close, not that long ago. Well, that’s 60 miles away, pretty far for hot lava flows.

再来继续数算其他地区糟糕透顶的那些方面… 西雅图没有干旱的气候和干旱的山丘,也不会不分季节终年如夏日炎炎。这里也没有飓风或龙卷风,除了,很遗憾,理论上来说我们可能会遇到地震和海啸,我想。总有一些神经紧张的人会不断警告我们,要地震了,要有海啸了!这些危言耸听的人,他们担心一切!


Flaunt the picture-postcard photos… There’s little that can match the most photogenic Mount Rainier (representing the dangerous beauty of volcanoes), or other gorgeous snow caps whenever we look to the mountains and mountains all around us.

And for most of the year we can really see snow caps, which is just amazing for most anyone anywhere! Imagine a snow-capped mountain in the distance, but a deep clear blue lake in front of you. How do you beat that? You don’t have to fly all the way to Switzerland. The only drawback is I feel slightly (only a bit) guilty seeing all that beauty!

值得炫耀的能与明信片媲美的风景照… 每当我们环顾四周的山脉时,没有什么能比得上最上镜的雷尼尔山(它代表着火山的危险之美)或其他华丽的山顶积雪。


An added bonus is the abundance of beautiful berries and fruits.

Even tell the truth… The simple straightforward truth is, of course, that we really have close family here! That truly was the only reason we moved. We definitely did not move for the weather, nor for the politics or crime statistics. Nor even for the scenery, even though that’s great. We had not lived close to family for decades, and only now do we know what we missed! That itself has been dramatically wonderful!
告诉你真实的原因… 当然,简单明了的事实是,我们在这里有着亲密的家人!这确实是我们搬家的唯一原因。我们绝对不是为了天气,也不是因为政治原因或治安数据而搬家,甚至也不是为了风景,尽管这里的确风景如画。我们已经几十年没有和家人住在一起了,直到现在我们才意识到可以如此美好!能意识到这一点本身就非常棒!

Bring out the Asian trump card… Seattle is truly significantly closer to Asia. No question about that. A flight to Beijing is now only 10-½ hours nonstop. Amazing, when compared to likely 18 hours from a place like Cincinnati, or worse from delays and delays during connections!

Plus, because it’s so close to Asia, old, old friends have tended to drop by much more than when we lived in the Midwest. So we’ve met old, old friends and contacts that we thought we had lost touch with!

And the Asian food around here is significantly better in both the grocery stores and the restaurants, with lots more Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, even Mediterranean varieties! Such factors can easily outweigh any weather complaints. Of course, we can complain about the prices, which are absurdly high. That’s basically a huge scenery tax.

亚洲这张王牌… 西雅图确实离亚洲更近。毫无疑问。飞往北京的航班现在只需10个半小时即可到达。令人惊讶的是,相比而言,像辛辛那提这样的地方,可能就需要18个小时的航程,甚至更长时间,因为转机过程中转机时的延误。



Telling bad stories… I have heard people accuse Seattleites of complaining about the weather so that other people won’t move to Seattle and ruin the place! It used to be quite a remote, small cozy place, but it sounds like people are now discovering it! Who knows what people mean by their complaining, but it’s sort of true that if Seattle becomes overcrowded, it wouldn’t be as lovely. As usual, we are the problem. After all, we moved here, after 50 years in the Midwest.

关于不好的方面… 我听说有人指责西雅图人对借着天气的抱怨而误导别人不要搬来西雅图,免得太多人来而毁了这个地方!它曾经是一个相当偏远、小而舒适的地方,但听上去人们现在正在发现它的优势!谁知道人们抱怨的初衷是什么?但确实,如果西雅图人满为患,就不会那么可爱了。像往常一样,我们是问题的一部分。毕竟,我们在中西部呆了50年后,也搬到了这里。

Reality check… No place on Earth however will be truly perfect and heavenly. But if we can build on the hopeful attitude of Seattleites, we have something to look forward to.

Indeed, I’m not going to be surprised if much of Heaven will be cool yet sunny, quite green and maybe even a bit wet, at least moist, since that’s what keeps it green, I suppose. Well, maybe it doesn’t work that way over there.



I’ll take snow-capped mountains… I imagine there may even be deep blue lakes and rivers, and snow-capped mountains upon mountains. Presumably minus volcanoes. Suffused with great peace and joy. Since Heaven gave us our lively colorful imagination, I’m using it creatively.

I’m on my way. I trust you are also, though I’m ahead of you! Come on… funny enough, i just discovered how to get there is even found on Google Search.(1) Hope beyond the mountains.



Reference: How do I get to heaven. Just try Google Search, 2022.

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