Welcome to ReggieTales, where “Uncle Reggie” shares stories from his decades of working with young people all over the world. Uncle Reggie loves children, youth and all who are “young at heart”. He has spoken in more than 150 cities of the world, teaching on life and health issues and telling many stories from his own medical and mission experiences. Uncle Reggie is a committed Christian and loves to point his life and stories towards the Creator. He says, “My life mission is ‘youth for all nations’, YFAN, encouraging young people from different backgrounds towards many nations.”

Millions of people have not actually met a follower of Jesus, nor understood this faith, the faith of one third of the world’s population. But hundreds of thousands of such people are visiting America for studies, where they might meet people like “Uncle Reggie.” He has been encouraging and helping such people for decades in the academic world. From his love for foreign students and scholars, and his extensive personal experience teaching them, he has written books of personal stories and testimonies especially for them.

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