Introduction to Reggie Tales

Welcome to ReggieTales, where “Uncle Reggie” shares stories from his decades of working with young people all over the world.

Welcome to ReggieTales, where "Uncle Reggie" shares stories from his decades of working with young people all over the world. Uncle Reggie loves children, youth and all who are "young at heart". He has spoken in more than 150 cities of the world, teaching on life and health issues and telling many stories from his own medical and mission experiences. Uncle Reggie is a committed Christian and loves to point his life and stories towards the Creator. He says, “My life mission is ‘youth for all nations’, YFAN, encouraging young people from different backgrounds towards many nations.” Millions of people have not actually met a follower of Jesus, nor understood this faith, the faith of one third of the world's population. But hundreds of thousands of such people are visiting America for studies, where they might meet people like "Uncle Reggie." He has been encouraging and helping such people for decades in the academic world. From his love for foreign students and scholars, and his extensive personal experience teaching them, he has written books of personal stories and testimonies especially for them.

欢迎来到 “曾叔叔讲故事”, 曾叔叔在这里分享他与世界各地年轻人合作数十年的故事。曾叔叔热爱儿童、青年和所有“内心年轻”的人。他曾在全球 150 多个城市发表演讲,教授生命和健康问题,并讲述他自己的医疗和宣教经历中的许多故事。曾叔叔是一个认真追求真理的人,喜欢将他的生活和故事指向造物主。他说,“我的人生使命是服务全世界各国各民的年轻人,鼓励来自不同背景的年轻人走向世界各国。” 虽然世界三分之一人口接受了基督信仰,但还有许许这种追求真理的人,也不了解这信仰。成千上万的年轻人正在美国学习,他们可能会遇到像曾叔叔这样的人。几十年来,曾叔叔一直在学术界鼓励和帮助这些人。由于他对外国学生和学者的热爱,以及他丰富的个人教学经验,他特别为他们撰写了个人故事和见证的书籍。

Uncle Reggie's Personal Story - (Given at NUWAY Foundation 2022 annual meeting for Nigeria)

Uncle Reggie shares about his life of medical missions and starting MSI (Medical Services International) 28 years ago in inland China where physical and spiritual needs especially in rural areas were great.